I’ve had six births and seven children – the last two were twins. They are Anna Katarina Maria, age 16; Juvito, age 14; Domigas Antonio, age 12; Candido Habilo, age 9, Narsizo, age 6; and the twins Irsaelita and Elizito – they are 1 year and 4 months old. My husband is Jose Gualdino Baros.


Before CARE, I was a housewife looking after kids, helping in the vegetable garden to help my husband. We were growing and selling vegetables to buy rice. We are also growing fruit and avocado.


The children and my husband help, but just my husband when the children go to school. My children enjoy school. My first and second boys are in high school in town, staying with their aunt.


The eldest child was born in Dili in a clinic. The others were born at home, with my husband and sisters helping. For the twins we had help from a nurse from the ‘CTV corporation’ (Café Coperativa Timor) 


When I was pregnant, I would worry about who could save the baby? We are in a rural area. Now I wouldn’t worry because there is a clinic here.


The health post is too new to have helped with my births. But CARE provided counselling on my twins. They invited me to a closer clinic and [encouraged me to get] my blood and the babies’ health checked regularly 


Since CARE, now I am happy, contented. I’ve met friends and I have plenty of time!


One of my cousins gave birth at the health post, Immaculada Soares. Her husband carried her over the hills to get to the clinic. The baby is healthy now, it’s four months old. The baby was named after the Saint Mary statue in the clinic. 


We get health advice from SISCa, they come every month with CARE. [Note: SISCa is a community outreach health service provided by Timor-Leste’s Ministry of Health].


I am working on the kitchen garden, ploughing and watering. The children’s food has changed. Our lives have changed. We have knowledge. We used to think it was good to sit in the house with a fire and drink hot water. Now we drink normal water.


My younger children are healthier than the old ones. CARE looked at our food and taught us about nutrition.


We also used to believe it was good to feed babies normal food at four months, not six. [Note: this is referring to when the mothers stop breastfeeding.]


I worry when a baby is born premature and there is lots of blood. This has happened to some friends. It happens to many who are far from here. Where even a bike can’t reach.


I am happy people support me in this area. Any assistance from CARE, I’d be happy with. Please continue the program. And more community garden work.


We are thankful to the whole team, especially CARE. So thank you!

July 2021