HATUTAN: In-house Tippy-tap video makes
National Campaign Launch
March 2020

Basic Education School (Baboe Craik) Ermera, Municipality. Photo credit CARE

The HATUTAN field team was deployed in schools in the last trimester of the 2019 school year. Their first task was building or rebuilding a more collaborative partnership between the school and parents by reactivating Parent Teacher Associations who have roles in both school health and school feeding. The donated food coming in December 2019 and the start of the 2020 school year served as a catalyst for joint action between parents and school personnel with a focal area being hygiene.


About 46% of schools have no regular supply of water for cooking, handwashing and basic hygiene. The Government School Health Manual suggests different options for schools to improve hygiene and water supply. The simplest methods in the manual show a bucket and scoop with soap or the construction of a “tippy-tap”. Tippy-taps are simple structures that offer an easy solution to handwashing as

Training of preschool coordinators in TOT in Ainaro. Photo credit CARE

the teachers or parents can build it themselves using locally available materials.


To support hand hygiene, HATUTAN staff took the initiative to make a short video to demonstrate amongst themselves different models of “tippy-taps” which was meant as an internal guide for 30-40 field staff spread out across the four program municipalities. The first video was made by staff based in Ermera who then passed it on to their colleagues so they could see how the wood frame was built from which other colleagues learned the process and replicated it in other schools. The team in Liquica then added a different model using recycled materials such as an old cooking oil container and an empty pen case as a spigot. The pen cap was able to “turn” the water flow on and off. 


In early March 2020, the videos took on a new and more public circulation. The task force for preventing COVID-19 in preschools launched an effort to reach every preschool in the country, providing them with basic hygiene practices and ways to prevent the spread of the virus. HATUTAN staff trained the combined ministry and NGO staff in a training of trainers’ session in Dili on how to construct tippy-taps. These trainers then held sessions in all municipalities for the preschool coordinators – who in turn held sessions at their individual schools with parents and teachers. HATUTAN quickly “branded” the in-house videos with USDA and consortium logos. These locally made videos made for internal capacity building transitioned into a National Campaign package for Corona virus prevention.


Video links to the tippy tap building process:


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